Secrets spots of Valcamonica rock art

The wonders of Zurla

Rock art: the so-called 'astronauts' of ZurlaSituated near the bottom of the valley and hardly accessible Zurla bears some of the most famous and intriguing subjects of Valcamonica rock art, like the two couple of "astronauts", the warriors inside footprints, the many labyrinths and meander, a unique alphabetic sequence of the ancient camunian language yet to be deciphered. A unique possibility to visit a unique site usually closed to the public.

Fascinating Pià d'Ort

Rock art: hut-image at Pià d'OrtFar for possible dwelling sites, along a narrow trail at the middle of the mountain slope between Pescarzo and Sellero, Pià d'Ort seems to tell its nature of ancient sacred place thorough the silence of the surrounding rough nature and the beauty of landscape and mountain peaks. Hundreds of warriors, animals and symbols, expecially the mysterious "maps", testify an intense human presence long passed away but still perceptible between the so many "traces of the mind" scattered everywhere on the smooths rocks polished by the ancient giant glaciers.

The Middle Ages rock art at Campanine

Rock art: cross and key at CampanineDid the carving activity ended with the arrival of the Romans? Discover an unusal imagery made during the Middle Ages at Campanine, where men summoned by the power of rocks delivered nearby the ancient carvings a whole new series of crosses, keys, knights, scripts, hanged men...

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