The Naquane National Rock Art Park: Information

Ownership and Management

The Naquane National Park is owned by the Italian State, who manages and staffs it.

  • Main Reference: Minister of Cultural Activities and Heritages (00186 Roma, Via del Collegio Romano 27)
  • Management: Lombardia Region Archaeological Superintendency (20123 Milano, Via De Amicis 11)
  • Guardianship: 24h/24h at the Park, in Capo di Ponte, Naquane.


  • The Park is open to everyone, on condition that the ticket is paid (see below) and the Regulation observed.
  • Reservation is not compulsory to visit the Park unless you require a guided visited and/or other touristic services (see below "What Is Optional To Do).

What You Must Do

  • Pay the entrance ticket, according to the rules in force.
  • Follow the Regulation.
  • Show your documents (personal or professional) to be granted discount or free tickets, according to the law.

What Is Optional To Do

  • The Park, as a State institution, right now is not in charge of touristic facilities. Thus, if visitors would like to access this kind of services (not in any way compulsory to enter the Park), they should contact the local organizations providing the service, among them Archeocamuni (0364- 42212).

Opening Hours

  • Opening: the Park is open every day of the year (except the ones indicated below), in the following hours: 8,30am-1,30pm (last entrance at 1,00pm).
  • Closing: the Park is always closed on Monday, if it is not a holiday, in which case the Park will close the next weekday. Unless different disposition from the Ministry, the Park is also closed on Christmas day, January the 1st and May the 1st.

It is advisable to always call before deciding to visit.

Entrance Ticket

  • THE ENTRANCE HAS TO BE PAID (cash only) by all the visitors over 18 years old, as the Law establishes at the moment of entrance.
  • DISCOUNTS are available for visitors between 18 and 25 years of age, teachers working for a state school and students of certain university courses (list at the ticket office).
  • FREE TICKETS are available for visitors under 18 years old, or for teachers visiting with a class, upon showing an official list of the participants.
  • THERE ARE NO OTHER discounts or free entrances for other categories or groups.
  • THE RIGHT to have a discounted or free ticket must be exercised at the entrance showing a document, personal or professional.
  • DISCOUNTS AND EXEMPTIONS can be applied only to citizens of the EU and of other Countries that stipulated this agreement with the Italian government. The list is available at the Ticket Office.

Regardless of this text, only indicative, the price of the ticket and the exemption or reduction categories are displayed at the entrance.


Besides the general rules of civic life, the Regulation of the Park prescribes:

  • NOT to walk on the rocks, unless barefoot.
  • NOT to ruin or damage the rocks, equipments or natural elements of the Park.
  • NOT to pic-nic.
  • NOT to use sound diffusion devices.
  • NOT to disturb or scream.

Pets must be kept on a leash.

Pictures and videos can be taken freely, provided they will not be used for commercial purposes and that no artificial lights or tripods are used. Pictures and video made for publication (i.e. books, docu-film or TV programs) must be authorized in advance by the Park Direction upon request applied to the Archaeological Superintendence of Milan. The authorization must be accredited at the Ticket Office when entering the Park.

How to reach the Park

Carta stradale con indicazioni su come raggiungere il Parco Nazionale Incisioni Rupestri di Naquane, Capo di Ponte (Valcamonica)

Kilometers from some important places:

  • From Brescia Km. 90
  • From Bergamo Km. 70
  • From Milano Km. 120

For an interactive map go to contact.

Other Useful Information

  • PERSONS WITH MOTORIAL PROBLEMS. After walking the cobblestoned 300 meters small road up to the park from the nearest parking place (Chiesa delle Sante), the paths within the Park are easy to walk for elderly persons too, provided they can walk by themselves without specific problems. For visitors in a wheelchair, the main paths have specific trails for the wheels. Accessing the rocks, though, might request the help of two assistants to pass the wooden or stone stairs (2-6 steps).
  • PARKING. The nearest is about 300 meters from the entrance. In an area called 'Le Sante' a wide road offers some parking spaces. Buses can arrive there to leave or pick up the visitors, but to park they have to go at the big parking lot of the Graffitipark Hotel-Restaurant, about 700 meters from 'Le Sante'.
  • TIME FOR THE VISIT. A quite complete tour of the Park for general cultural interest requires between 1,30 and 2 hours. Strongly advised to see are the rocks n.: 50,57,99,11,1,32,35,44,47, statue-menhirs and Antiquarium.
  • RECOMMENDED SEASONS TO VISIT. . Even if the Park is open all year long, it is recommended to visit when not too cold. To see the engravings the morning light is much better.
  • TOILETS. Inside the Park there are toilets, for disabled visitors as well.
  • BAR AND RESTAURANTS. Inside the Park THERE ARE NONE. In Capo di Ponte there are several outlets where to eat or sleep.
  • HOW TO REACH THE PARK. Capo di Ponte can be reached by car and by train too (Brescia-Edolo line).


  • Publications on rock art.
  • Written guides to visit the Park.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Info about the Park and other places of interest in Valcamonica.

For more info go to the bookshop page.